Quick Navigation: Google Chrome Introduces Optimized "Lite Pages" and Data Saver Solutions Now Available for HTTPS


Last night, Google launched the launch of Chrome 73, with major improvements across all platforms. While on the desktop especially dark fashion to inspire knows, has been under Android for years offered Data Saver significantly improved and is now again a relevant tool. Encrypted connections are now also supported, and the new "lite pages" further reduce the amount of data.

The mobile Web is potentially very fast, but it's the best of times. Especially in buildings or on the train, the connection can always be very bad and even stopping near the radio hole is not really conducive to the pleasure of surfing. For these purposes, Google and other browser vendors have been using special tools for years to reduce the amount of data. The Chrome team has now renovated the data saver.

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Data Saver has been part of the Chrome browser for mobile for years and can be enabled in settings. If this feature is enabled, all web page calls will be redirected through Google's servers, optimized and sent to the user. This detour is paying off because the optimized version often requires less data and thus protects the traffic. Despite the detour, it also reduces the loading time. However, until now, this only worked for unencrypted connections, but it is only a fraction of the calls.

Now Data Saver has also been extended to encrypted connections, but nonetheless, as Extra points out, he will not be able to read the data. Only the URL is sent to Google. Personal data, such as entering forms, passwords and cookies, are exchanged only between the user and the website. Thanks to this expansion, data backup is gaining relevance again, as the scope of application has become increasingly limited.

But this is not the only change, but there will now be heavily compressed websites, not only optimized, but also when in doubt. just do not load some content and do not truncate the site too much.

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The new pages are now the "Lite Pages", where the focus is mainly on the user. content and save everything else or reload it if necessary. This is especially useful when a 2G connection or a connection with such a low speed is detected. The user is informed directly of this compression by a new label "Lite" directly in the address bar and can call the complete, non-optimized website from this location.

This function may cause incorrect display of web pages. , webmasters should now check the appearance of their web pages in this mode or if they are usable. There are some tools and options that you can find directly in the Google ad. If this does not work, webmasters can also disable optimization. If the Chrome browser detects that many users are accessing the original Web site, optimization should also be stopped automatically.

Both changes are now active and included in Chrome 73.

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