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Fourteenth March 2019 | By Stefanie Frühauf in SEA

Earlier this week, Google announced a beta by e-mail to further expand the CSS: The Comparison Listing Ads, also known as the German benchmark. The description of this format is described here.

Definition of Google's CSS Affiliate Program

In 2017, Google was sanctioned by the European Commission because Google has its own Google search system. Price comparison Google Shopping has unlawfully preferred and so violated antitrust law . This culminated in a record fine of 2.42 billion euros. As a result, Google was forced to open the search results for other price comparisons, CSS comparison services. Google Shopping has been outsourced as an independent unit that needs to be managed economically. As a result, Google Shopping retains a portion of the click-through on Google Search, which allows merchants to achieve a cost-per-click reduction of approximately 20% compared to other price comparisons.

The new model does not only have existing price comparisons. How called the scene. In particular, online marketing agencies saw benefit their customers so chose to open their own functional price comparison . Thus, according to a study conducted by searchmetrics marketing agencies in the fall of 2018, although accounted for two-thirds of active price comparisons (excluding Google Shopping). Google has not seen these rapid developments come in either form. For example, Google recently tightened the terms of the CSS program in late January and increased the minimum number of traders on the price comparison platform. You can also find out more about price comparison in our Bloofusion webinar (starting at 18:38 minutes) or in the research camp (Episode 65).

The idea behind the comparative ads

Comparative ads, the first ones only in beta versions in Germany, France and the Netherlands, are exclusively reserved for price comparison portals participating in the program. Google CSS Affiliation. Google justifies this new format by the desire to compare prices to strengthen their brands and direct customers directly to their price comparison . In the future, two tabs could appear on the search results page, between which the user can switch: products and comparison sites. In the tabs containing the comparison websites, carousels of different price comparisons are displayed. Here is an overview on various products from different dealers under a price comparison all matching the search query of the user. If the user clicks on the comparison screen, he will be transferred to an additional landing page for price comparison. The ad format is reminiscent of Showcase commercials by far. Except that these are merchant-specific, whereas price comparisons are shown by the price comparisons themselves.

In the left tab, ads of known products have been selected, on the right, comparison ads (source: Google).

Comparisons are still in the beginning of beta. Until now, we have not been able to discover them live. Since the majority of price comparisons are done by marketing agencies, it remains to be seen if the new ad format will prevail. Marketing agency price comparisons have been launched to take advantage of the cost savings achieved by clicking. Only a few price comparisons are attractively structured, so they should not be interested in their site traffic via ads.

Meet Bloofusion at SMX Munich 2019

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Stefanie Frühauf is responsible for online marketing at the Bloofusion online marketing agency. She writes on the blog Bloofusion about Google Ads and other topics related to the sea.

She loves the media and spends a lot of time with books, series, movies, and so on. She leaves her creative imprint in painting and crafts.

Stefanie is represented in the following social networks:

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