How to organize your videos from beginning to end

Would you like to know how we have increased the number of views on YouTube searches by almost 400%?

In the space of seven and a half months, we have achieved some excellent rankings on YouTube for the most searched keywords in our industry.

The rankings are geographically targeted and always in constant evolution, here are some examples:

# 1 for "Local Councils SEO "

# 1 for "Tips SEO ""

# 2 for " SEO "

We are not a viral sensation, but we have been growing steadily since the first day we released a video-targeted video key.

YouTube Ahrefs Over the last seven months.

In fact, our chain has accumulated more than 3 million minutes of surveillance over this same seven-month period ( ~ 6 years of attention).

Our channel is not huge, we publish a video a week and our sector is not really "exciting". Compared to our main competitors, our subscriber base is microscopic.

But that's what I like about YouTube . SEO .

Everyone has the opportunity to entertain, engage and classify . . 19659002] In this article you will learn how to rank your YouTube videos from beginning to end.