Google: The speed score of the page may change without adjustment on the site

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The score reported by Googe PageSpeed ​​Insights may change without the website being tested.

The most used tool for measuring pages loading time is probably Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. The practical thing about this tool is that you get a score between 0 and 100. This can be used to detect the performance of the tested website.

However, the interpretation of the score is problematic: for example, is a website that reaches 30 points too slow? Google had already reported some time ago that the results of the tool had to be interpreted . The reason why this is so important became evident after the passage of PageSpeed ​​Insights to the Google Lighthouse database: Overall, the scores reported were significantly lower .

This is normal for the scores. may change over time even without modifications on the website tested. This was pointed out by Johannes Müller on Twitter:

 Google PageSpeed ​​Insghts: The Score Can Change Without Modifying The Website

Müller recommended to use the website enhancement tool for users and not to consider the results of the l & # 39; tool as a final target.

More important than the provided tool The points are the suggestions for improvement below. They provide valuable tips for optimizing the PageSpeed ​​of the tested website.

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