Google: The Deployment of the Update 'Florida 2 & # 39; can take up to a week

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According to Google, the deployment of the basic Florida Core 2 Google update, which began on March 12, can take up to a week. During this period, ranking changes may be more important.

Yesterday, Google confirmed the update of its renewed core . The update, dubbed "Florida 2", began on March 12. The name "Florida" is based on the "Pubcon" conference that took place from March 5 to 7 in Florida, just before the start of the update. Already in the early 2000s, there was an update "Florida", which also owes its name to the Pubcon.

"Florida 2" is still in full swing. Deployment can take up to a week. Danny Sullivan, of Google, said on request and referring to the main updates of last year:

 Google: The deployment of Florida 2 could take up to # 39: a week

It is still too early to worry about possible ranking losses or gains, as many changes could still occur until the end of deployment. In the coming days, the first predictions of winners and losers will be possible.

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