Google: That's why subscribed content can better rank than the original


Syndicated content posted on other websites may sometimes achieve a higher rank than the original despite Canonical links.

Content syndication, which publishes content on multiple web pages, may allow copies of content to obtain a higher ranking than the original. Indeed, as Johannes Müller points out in the report of the Webmaster of February 8 he plays a role, for example, in: if similar publications on a Web page are published or if certain aspects of 39, a publication are in depth.

A copy may even appear in front of the original if all other web pages contain canonical links to the original.

Müller explained, in reality. In this case, it is incorrect to define Canonical links because Web sites differ. Even if the text is the same, the surrounding content may differ, for example, through comments on the website.

Therefore, it is important to determine if it is useful to syndicate content on other websites, because at the same time, other websites may reach higher rankings. content.

Gary Illyes of Google emphasized this possibility last week . He explained that, in the case of subscribed content, websites could take advantage of positive ranking signals displayed by Google in the search results.

This could even cause Google to assign back links to the web page containing a copy. pointing to the original. This effect is also called Link Inversion .

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