Google says extra crawl doesn’t imply issues are higher than rankings

John Mueller of Google needed to reiterate what he had stated a number of occasions now, this time on Reddit – saying, "Extra explorations doesn’t imply that issues (like rankings) are greatest. " He stated it was a typical false impression however he added "it simply implies that Google is ready to see the adjustments slightly sooner."

Briefly, just because Google crawls your website rather a lot or scours your website little or no – it doesn’t imply that your website will rank larger or decrease. Exploration fee is your exploration finances and if Google thinks they may discover new content material and adjustments in your website. Static websites that don’t change a lot can rank nicely, however they don’t have to be explored as usually. Websites that add numerous new content material – like this website – might be closely explored after which not rank nicely. 🙂

Here’s what John stated about Reddit:

Edit: I ought to most likely add slightly extra :-). Google will begin exploring your website if there’s a acknowledged hyperlink someplace or while you submitted it for indexing. Basically, after that, if Google finds that your website is nice (for a worth at the least equal to this one), it continues to crawl and index often and attempt to seize an increasing number of pages of your website. There are various elements that decide the frequency and extent of website exploration, however that is largely akin to attempting to grasp "awesomeness". Extra explorations don’t imply that issues (like rankings) are higher – that's a typical false impression – it simply implies that Google is ready to see the adjustments slightly sooner.