Google Maps: The report on lightning and accidents is broadcast for many users – possibly in Germany?


The Google Maps team has been experimenting for a long time with the integration of additional information on traffic during navigation, which was only done a few weeks ago with the launch of the radar and the Warner Live accident. The number of these accidents and the lightning was until now very little available, but that will obviously change now: for several days, more and more users see a new button to send these messages.

Years ago, Google shared the Social. Navi Waze and offers through this the message and the display of traffic information. To the surprise, neither the application nor the database has been merged with Google Maps because they probably prefer to work on their own solution. It was officially launched a few weeks ago and now displays accidents, traffic jams and radar directly on the map in some countries.

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Buy Google Maps a lot of data, but just with such "live data" on the help of the big community.This should help to record the accidents and report the radars, before which other users will be warned again. , some users have found a new button in Google Maps, which you can see on the following screen capture and which is strongly reminiscent of the Waze logo.

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Deployment of this feature seems to be taking place in the United States. since the weekend, many users have reported that they can now submit such reports. There is no official announcement from Google, but for a lot of tests, the mass of users seems too important. It is quite possible that German users will see this button sooner or later. Although radar detectors are prohibited, the message of lightning is not. One thing does not necessarily exclude the other – as we have recently clarified in this article.

However, as it is not only radar, but also accidents and traffic disruptions, we can only hope that this feature will soon be unlocked in this country. Of course, including speed limits.

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