Google Chrome will soon allow you to link a specific text


The Google Chrome browser may soon be creating links to specific text passages. With & # 39; targetText & # 39 ;, the destination of the link can be determined precisely.

One of the problems associated with linking websites and documents is that it is usually difficult to specify an exact location in a text as a link destination. For this purpose, there must be anchors with names or elements with IDs on the landing page.

Links that refer to a single page but not to a specific passage of text are not very comfortable, because the corresponding page must first be searched on the page of arrival.

The YouTube example shows how it works best: it is possible here to jump to a specific point in the video. To do this, the appropriate time must be defined as a parameter in the link.

The link between the websites will work soon. This is provided by a new feature of Google Chrome . To link to a specific text entry, simply add the "targetText" parameter to the URL. For example, if you want to link the first occurrence of the word "Search Engine Optimization" to a page, the link should look like this:[19659004HERUngreatbenefitofthisetofthisgeneralandthesustainableresultscanbeusedexplicitlyTheycannotaddestablethepasswordandextecordingtothesearchteachingresultsearch19659004]La new version of the link should be available in Chrome Canary in a few weeks, then in future versions of Chrome. is. It is likely that other browsers, such as Firefox, follow suit.

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By Christian Kunz

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