Google: a sudden increase in duplicate content may change the display in the search console

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Changing the look and feel of the Google Search Console may give the impression that there are suddenly more duplicate content sites than in & out; # 39; before.

Some webmasters may have recently wondered at a glance in the Google Search Console where the increasing amount of duplicate content came from. The explanation is quite simple: it is assumed that the duplicated content has not changed – but Google recently introduced the display of duplicate content issues in the new search console.

Under "cover", we find under excluded URLs. the categories "Duplicate – Google has a page other than the user as a canonical page" and "Duplicate – the user does not define it as canonical".

 CGC: Displaying Duplicates in Report on Index Coverage

In a recent Hangout Webmaster a user had asked if Google has recently changed the calculation of duplicate content, because for its website, the number of duplicates reported is suddenly significantly higher, without any modification on the site.

Johannes Müller replied that this could at most look altered in the Google Search Console. Duplicate content, which already existed before conversion, becomes more easily recognizable.

The modification was probably made in the second half of 2018.

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